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Procedure for lodging complaints with vigilance

*Please follow the guidelines and act strictly according to the procedure

Complaints can be lodged only against Employees belonging to our Organization namely:
1. Departments at DCI Head Office, Visakhapatnam.
2. Project Offices of DCI.
3. DCI Dredgers.
4. MNO Chennai.
5. Registered Office, New Delhi.

Complaints can be lodged by any of following means to CVO DCIL:
a. Directly meeting CVO in person.
b. Directly informing to CVO through Telephone 0891-2569649
c. Directly informing to CVO through Fax 0891-2787502
d. Directly informing to CVO through E-Mail
e. Online complaint to CVO in the following procedure.

The vigilance has no jurisdiction over private individual and Governments. Therefore please do not lodge complaint against officials of these organizations to vigilance.

The vigilance does not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints. So please give your proper name and address. Name and address of complainant will be kept totally confidential.

The body of the letter should be drafted in such a way that it should not give any clue of the complainant.

Please ensure that complaint is addressed directly to Chief Vigilance Officer of DCIL.

It is not possible to keep complainant updated with the status of the case. However no complaints shall remain unattended. The complaints are followed by the Vigilance to its logical conclusion.