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Operations department forms an important bridge between both project divisions (DIV-I & DIV –II) in effectively completing the contractual obligations, timely completion of the project and effective mobilization of the vessels. The department is headed by HOD (OPS). The following activities are handled by Operations department. 1)Budgeting 2)MOU 3)Monitoring progress of projects 4)Regular review of projects 5)Reporting progress to Management 6)Arbitration 7)Process of proposals received from project divisions for CA’s approval. 8)Periodical audit and inspection of projects 9)Functional advise to the divisional heads on project matters. 10)Any other operational activities not delegated to project divisions. Further, monthly tentative crafts program is also prepared and issued by HO-Ops. Department after obtaining approval.

        To report daily dredging progress of previous day to the management, on each working day.

        To report monthly dredging progress of previous month to the management (Results Framework Document – RFD), in 1st week of each month

        To prepare and issue monthly tentative crafts program for every month on or before 31st of preceding month

        To settle and pass supplier’s bills, which are in order, within 15 days from receipt of the bills by HO-Ops Department and forward to Finance department


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