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Operations Department headed by HOD (Ops) is the line department of DCI and is responsible for undertaking the dredging operations to fulfill the contractual obligations of DCI. All other departments extend support services to Operations Department in meeting the above responsibilities. Operations department is responsible for monitoring and control of various projects undertaken. Operations Department exercise control over all the Project Offices as well as all the Vessels. Project Offices are headed by Project-in-charge (PIC) and Vessels are headed by Masters. Masters of all DCI vessels, report to PICs who in turn report to HOD (Ops).

Operations department strives for improvement of performance/ production, provides safe practices in dredging operations, complying with all Statutory Rules & Regulations of the Government, Ports and by establishing Procedures to safe guard against all identified risks and avoidance of damage to the property particularly while working and at sea.

Operations Department looks after deployment of various dredgers at Dredging and Reclamation Projects as per the contracts concluded between the DCI and customers such as Major Ports, Minor Ports, Indian Navy, Ship building yards, Inland dredging organizations in India and major dredging and reclamation projects abroad. Operations department also looks after issues with respect to carrying out Hydrographic survey, soil explorations/ investigations and analysis apart from undertaking towage of dumb dredgers and crafts by the Tugs owned and hired.

HOD (Ops) is assisted by Dy. General Managers, Managers, Dy. Managers, Asst. Managers, Surveyors and Administrative staff in day to day functions of the Department. The Head Office monitors the project functions, guide the PICs, monitor and review progress of the projects and act accordingly to avoid time and cost over runs in completion of the projects.

        To achieve and monitor the MOU targets for the current financial year

        Planning and execution of all projects, with emphasis on timely completion as per contracts

        Optimum utilization of dredging equipment / resources

        Effective implementation of management systems like QMS, EMS etc. as per Standards

        Compliance to Statutory Rules and Regulations

        Review of systems and procedures to initiate cost reduction measures

Main function of the Operations Department is facilitating Marketing Department for identification of suitable works for the dredging fleet under its control for continued deployment of dredgers in India and abroad.

Based on the details received from the Marketing Department, Operations Department will study the tender and other documents to assess the feasibility of the proposed Projects to identify most suitable dredger(s), dredging methodology, etc., if necessary, after carrying out site visits, soil investigation, surveys, etc.

Operations Department carries out study of the following site conditions for assessing the feasibility of the project:

        Site conditions by collecting data such as the nature and type of dredging, purpose of dredging, quantity to be dredged/reclaimed, method of disposal, nature and characteristics of the material to be dredged, approaches to the dredging site, physical facilities available at/in and around dredging areas such as electricity, water supply, stack yard facilities, space for assembly and launching of floating pipeline equipment, availability of cranes, bull-dozers, pay-loaders, back-hoe, bunkers, lube oils, transport facilities etc.

        Availability of floatation for the dredgers and other floating crafts, sea and hydrological conditions such as waves, tides, floods, tsunamis, currents, hydrographic information such as soundings, high water and low water lines, marshy areas, coral reefs, details of the sediment, siltation, and other factors affecting the maintenance of the depths in the dredging area, subsoil information regarding its dredgeability.

        Meteorological conditions such as weather, climate, temperature, rainfall, humidity, cyclones, typhoons, seismological conditions such as volcanic zones, earthquakes etc.

        On assessment of the operational feasibility of taking up the Project, the production parameters taking into consideration various factors as enumerated above are assessed along with Project Engineering Department and the time required for dredging the given quantity and the duration of the Project duly taking into account the probable non-operational time, is assessed and informed to the Marketing Dept. during discussions wherein clause-wise deliberations are made for submitting the offer by the Marketing Dept.

        Operations Dept. along with Marketing Dept. participate in the pre bid discussions with the client and obtain/ provide clarifications on various aspects spelt out in the tender as well as other clauses which have the bearing on the quoted rate.

        Once the work is awarded to DCI, the Operations Dept. takes charge of the project and initiates necessary planning for execution of Project in accordance with the contract.

        Operations Dept. identifies the required dredging plant and machinery from the available dredging fleet and/ or by out-sourcing the same either in whole or in part for timely execution of the work.

        The operations Dept. monitors the Projects in India and Abroad through the respective Project Heads, Officers and staff delegated with the duties and responsibilities both at Head Office as well as at Project Offices. The respective Project Heads render all required support, assistance and guidance and exercise control on the performance of the Project as a whole.

        Planning, execution, monitoring, trouble shooting till successful completion of the projects and subsequent settlement of issues with clients along with legal department.

        Coordinating with PED department for study with respect to soil characteristics including organizing for soil investigations, quantification of various types of soils and rocks to be dredged, determination of dredgeability and selection of dredging plant & machinery.

        All matters related to operational assets, their optimum utilisation, inventories of floating crafts, project equipment, pipeline, floaters, anchors, cutter teeth etc. and their transportation, towage etc.

        Monitoring the execution of the projects and the performance of the vessels in accordance to the MOU targets fixed by the Ministry.

        Regular monitoring of production and costs to ensure achieving of targeted production, customer satisfaction.

        Overall supervision of the Dredging Projects/Project offices, monitor rising of bills by Project Offices and collection of revenue from the clients.

        Attending to the Diving operations of the under water work requirements.

        All functions related to ISM as per 3.4.4 of SMM safety issues regarding floating crafts, floating and project personnel, environmental and pollution control measures, etc.

        Correspondence with DG Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Road transport & Highways, Government of India and other agencies relating to maritime trade, dredging operations, etc. in dealing with policy matters with these authorities.

        All functions relating to operational assets such as deployment, sailing, safe keeping of dredgers and ancillary crafts, transportation, repair and maintenance of pipeline and other project equipment like floaters, cranes, bull dozers etc

        Review and assessment of the operational needs for vessels, equipment, pipeline, etc. from time to time and initiate action for acquisition and provision in capital budget.

        To develop data base Management, information relating to physical performance of the dredgers.

        To review systems and procedures and to initiate cost reduction measures.

        Planning & finalisation of service contracts at projects.

        Attending to observations of Audit, Issues/ reports related to Ministry and other Government Agencies,working groups, etc.

        Providing required information to Legal cell regarding Arbitration.

        All functions relating to arbitration (to be dealt Liaison with Legal Department), audit queries etc.

        Execution of chartering agreements, joint ventures, projects etc. after signing of the respective agreements by Marketing Department.

        Preparation of revenue budget, plan and non plan budget, follow up for implementation of plan schemes etc. for capital procurement.

        Planning for procurement and necessary support for operational assets, prescribing operational requirements, tests and trials of equipment.

        Identifying training needs and training the personnel.

        Attending to the requests from other organisations for carrying out surveys etc.


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